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Paseka Publishers


The Czech home of several major international and Czech authors including Timothy Garton Ash, Vladimír Holan, Květa Legátová, Alice Munro, Vladimir Nabokov, Amos Oz, Salman Rushdie, Petr Šabach, Roberto Saviano, W.G. Sebald, Susan Sontag and John Updike, Paseka is a leading publisher of fiction, history and popular science with over 1,300 titles released since the house was established in 1989.

Paseka’s recent projects include the 18-volume, 15,000-page History of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown, written by prominent Czech scholars, and a facsimile edition of the monumental Šumava Dying and Romantic (1931) by the writer and artist Josef Váchal (1884–1969). In the 1990’s, the publisher played a significant role in reconstruction work on the Portmoneum, a house in the town of Litomyšl decorated by Váchal and now serving as a museum of his work.


General contact:


Nakladatelství Paseka

Chopinova 4

120 00 Prague

Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 222 710 751




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